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6916 Union Grove Church Rd
Hillsborough, NC, 27278
United States



Our Story

In her former job as a pastry chef, April often found farmers trying to pawn off an extra flat of berries at the height of the season. There was only so much fruit she could put onto the dessert menu before the fragile produce languished in the refrigerator. She encouraged the farmers to turn their extra berries into jam. “Who’s got time?” they would say and, "anyway, who even knows how?".

Growing up in a small farming community in the Mississippi hill country, the preserves on April's family table were made by her mother, grandmother, aunts, and other women in the community. At her local Carrboro, North Carolina farmers' market she saw that the produce was some of the best in the country but the quality of the jams and jellies could not compare to her family's. She lamented this fact and naively thought since she had watched her mother and grandmother, she would make her own. Her first batch of blueberry jam was stiff and gritty. Not one to back down from a challenge, April's first trials started her now 15 year journey mastering the craft of preserving. Today, Farmer's Daughter turns thousands of pounds of the very best North Carolina grown produce into award-winning products while honoring the age-old techniques wielded by Southern housewives of past generations. 

April McGreger, the Farmer's Daughter.  Photo by   Lissa Gotwals  .

Our Mission

Like Andre 3000 said, “The South’s got something to say.” He was talking hip hop. We’re talking preserves. At Farmer’s Daughter, our mission is to make the most delicious pickles and preserves our customers have ever tasted using the finest local produce and traditional methods. We seek to support sustainable agriculture and build community while celebrating Southern culture through the stories our products tell. We seek to revive, popularize, and promote old Southern recipes, fruits, and forgotten flavors; to celebrate regionalism; and to create our own bold and inspired flavors that capture the taste and the spirit of this place we call home.